Security Programs

NRHA Public Safety Programs are innovative strategies that reduce neighborhood crime, allay the fear of crime, and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Combining the efforts and resources of the police, local government, neighborhood residents, and partners of the agency, these programs involve all members of the community in an effort to safeguard our neighborhoods.

Volunteer Resident/Parent Patrol Program

This program helps prevent crime by training residents to monitor disturbances before and after school. Wearing special vests and caps, residents join together to patrol their neighborhood and protect children from crime and other problems on their way to and from school.

The goal is to reduce the incidents of drug transactions, violence, and disorder around our children, increase the violators’ perceptions of risk, identify conditions that breed crime and disorder around children, and exert greater resident control over the neighborhood. For more information contact Karen Hughes, Security Programs Manager, 314-1699.

Youth Mentor Cadet Academy

A community-based program in Oakleaf Forest, the cadet academy is designed to educate, train, and build self-esteam in youth. The curriculum consists of training modules such as peer pressure, alternatives to violence, conflict resolution, and anger management.

The academy is currently featuring the Community Justice Ideal Program, which is a partnership with the Norfolk Police Department, Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority Youth Mentor Cadet Academy and the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, Old Dominion University Student Chapter. A community-based prevention program, Community Justice Ideal is designed to enhance public safety, reduce delinquency and fear of crime, and address quality-of-life issues.

The program aims to enhance the human, cultural, and social capital of inner-city youth residing at Oakleaf Forest by providing mentoring, tutoring sessions, sports clinics, cultural events, and seminars in personal growth and development, social development, balanced living, and community justice.

Partnership with ODU-NABCJ

NRHA has partnered with Old Dominion University’s student chapter of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) to focus attention on relevant legislation, law enforcement, prosecution, and defense-related needs and practices, with emphasis on the courts, corrections, and the prevention of crime. A chief concern of the chapter is the general welfare and increase influence of African Americans and people of color as it relates to the administration of justice.

NABCJ enables ODU and the wider community to address community justice issues to enhance public safety and crime prevention, promote community programs that reduce crime/delinquency and the fear of crime, improve livability of neighborhoods, and build partnerships between high-crime areas and ODU, local businesses, and service-oriented organizations.

NRHA is seeking an expansion of services to other communities through ODU- NABCJ. For more information on this program contact:

  • Karen Rose, NRHA Security Programs manager,, 314-1699
  • Melvina Sumter, Ph.D., assistant professor and advisor to student chapter of NABCJ, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice,, 683-3812
Resident Information

On behalf of Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority and the Norfolk Police Department Community Resource Officers assigned to all public housing communities, please accept this information as a courtesy to inform you of our efforts to address concerns of criminal activity within our communities. Based upon increased criminal incidents and conduct that threaten the health and safety of our communities, NRHA staff and the police department will use all available resources to enforce crime and lease violations with a zero tolerance approach. Participation in criminal activity and conduct that threatens the community will not be tolerated and will result in criminal prosecution and lease action with management at NRHA. Increasing issues of concern have been:


We respectfully ask for your assistance in helping to ensure our communities remain safe. If you have information or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Community Resource Officers or NRHA security staff listed below.

Community Resource Officers (CRO) Program

Working together to reduce crime, the Norfolk Police Department, NRHA, and our neighborhood residents have implemented community-oriented policing strategies in all of NRHA’s public housing neighborhoods. Strategies are employed by sworn officers of the Norfolk Police Department who work in the communities to solve problems.

The partnership, which was established in 1995, has placed one police officer in each NRHA public housing neighborhood. The officers maintain an office, attend community events and meetings, and become familiar with the residents and concerns of their communities. They also encourage residents to participate, support, and cooperate in their endeavor to reduce criminal activity by identifying and eliminating the desire, ability, and opportunity to commit crime.

The officers are assigned a pager, cell phone, and office with flexible work schedules that allow them to be accessible to the community. This program has proven invaluable in efforts to have residents take pride in their communities.


CRO Officers









Bobbitt Midrise - 5920 Poplar Hall Drive, 624-8616
Manager – Valerie Brandon - Hamlin   314-1525 (o)

Hunter Square Midrise – 825 Goff Street, 624-8619
Manager – Yvette Tate   314-2008

Robert Partrea Midrise – 701 Easy Street, 624-8618
Manager – Jacqueline Copeland 314-4214

Sykes Midrise – 555 E. Liberty Street, 624-8617
Manager – Tonika Cross  314-1521

Franklin Arms - 2500 E. Princess Anne Road, 314-1520
Manager – April Espree   314-4203(o)

Cottage Bridge – 7408 Tidewater Drive, 314-2660
Manager – Jacqueline Copeland 314-4214


NRHA Security Contacts

NRHA Security Programs Manager: Karen Rose             
Office: 314-1699    
Cell: 214-5956

NRHA Security Programs Coordinator: Manuel Hammond  
Office: 314-2086     
Cell: 613-7195    

NRHA Security Programs Coordinator: Contrina Salmond  
Office: 314-1340
Cell: 355-0005

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