NRHA Receives Fire Safety Grant

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Kelly R. Williams

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Thu, 03/25/2010

Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA) secured a $445,745 grant from the U. S. Department of Homeland Security for fire prevention and awareness at its assisted-rental communities. NRHA received the largest grant of 33 recipient organizations nationwide and the only entity in the state of Virginia.
Over the past five years, NRHA has experienced increased residential fires in assisted-rental communities resulting in fatalities and extensive property damage. Most of these fires originated in the kitchen, 80 percent of which resulted from unattended cooking.
The program will have a two-pronged approach of prevention and education. The prevention component includes the installation of Safe-T-Element cooking systems on electric ranges and FireStop canisters over gas ranges.
For the purpose of evaluation, two NRHA communities will be selected to receive the devices and two other communities will not, which will serve as control groups.
Grandy Village residents will receive the Safe-T-Element, which is installed on top of existing electric range burners. This device helps to prevent most kitchen fires from starting by not allowing the burners to reach the temperature where most common household materials will ignite.
Diggs Town residents will receive StoveTop FireStop canisters that are installed under the vent hood above the cooking surface of the stove. This device is an automatic fire suppression device designed to extinguish the fire long enough to allow a resident to completely extinguish the fire. In the event of a fire the can will open and a substance will drop out smothering the flame. The clean-up is easy and can be done with a wet towel.
The control groups will be Oakleaf Forest and Calvert Square.
The test and control communities will receive information on fire prevention throughout the 12 months. Residents are expected to review the information and fire evacuation plans with their families. Training will also be provided to residents, as well as to NRHA staff. A fire prevention week is anticipated for October 2010 with events for children.
The fire prevention and safety awareness information will be presented in the following formats: pamphlets, posters, workshops, video and community activities. Property managers and other on-site staff will receive information and training for the sake of continuity and effectiveness.

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