Tina Corbett and Denise Smith are residents of Park Terrace Apartments in Norfolk. They’re not school teachers or community activists. They’re people who care about their community and the children who live here.... For more information visit Read More
    The  redevelopment train, which left the station earlier this year, is picking up speed, according to information shared at the August meeting of the Mayor’s Advisory St. Paul’s Project Advisory Committee.... Read More
  Dozens of colorful sketches were revealed to help people visualize what a St. Paul's redevelopment will look like when finally completed. On Wednesday, sketches were revealed that showed a diverse group of housing options that include several story buildings with store fronts,... Read More
  The first wave of families who will be moved out of public housing to make way for redevelopment in the St. Paul’s area were given notice Wednesday at a community meeting. The St. Paul’s area is made up of three neighborhoods with 1,700 units of public housing spread across 200 acres near... Read More
  Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority is hosting a housing and relocation meeting for people living in the Tidewater Gardens section of the St. Paul’s area... For more information visit Read More
  It's what St. Paul's area residents have been waiting to hear about since the announcement of the St. Paul's Redevelopment Project talks started --- where they'll go... For more information visit Read More
  In the late 1960s, the city of Norfolk launched the redevelopment of the East Ghent neighborhood, near the downtown business corridor, where the housing stock had eroded to slums.... For more information visit Original article by New Journal & Guide Read More
  Twitter battles. Flame art. The life cycle of an aluminum can. All three of the above are examples of the ingenuity exhibited by PR News' 2018 Platinum PR Awards finalists. Armed with sharp storytelling skills and a mastery of communications tactics, PR News' Platinum PR Awards... Read More
  Norfolk City Council will get an update on the St. Paul's project during a work session Tuesday afternoon. Last Thursday, Torti+Gallas architects revealed new sketches to replace the Tidewater Gardens apartments ,which includes 618 public housing units, with... Read More
  The vision for what downtown Norfolk's St. Paul's area could look like became clearer Wednesday as architects revealed their latest sketches. Architects with Torti+Gallas have been meeting with Tidewater Gardens residents all week to draft the framework for what will replace the... Read More
  People who live in the St. Paul's corridor got to see architect sketches Wednesday night of what the upcoming redevelopments could look like. This is the first time the drawings were made available for the public to see... For more information visit Read More
  After three straight days of community meetings and drawings, architecture firm Torti Gallas laid out a first-look revitalization plan for the Tidewater Gardens neighborhood on Wednesday.... For more information visit Read More
  A colorful bird’s-eye-view drawing unveiled Wednesday night detailed the potential future of a redeveloped Tidewater Gardens. The hand-drawn map showed a new school along Tidewater Drive and blocks that indicated a variety of housing, from mid-rise apartments to single-family homes.... For... Read More
  There are plans to change the look of the St. Paul’s area of Norfolk. The public met with the architects for the revitalization of the area again on Tuesday night... For more information visit Read More
  The first draft of the master plan for the revitalized Tidewater Gardens neighborhood will be unveiled tonight, after three days of community input and sketching by architects.... For more information visit Read More
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