Berkley IV Redevelopment Project



The Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (“NRHA”) invites developers to submit proposals for the purchase of property located to south of Berkley Avenue for construction of residential units. Under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, this development is to have at least 51% low to moderate-income units. The purpose of this offering is redevelopment that will improve the community. The Authority is not simply interested in a land sale; it is interested in pursuing the development that has the highest potential for improving the image and value of the community. An important part of the selection criteria will be the expertise and creativity of the design team.

The townhouse plans shown in this offering are based on community input. This RFP process is intended to solicit market input. NRHA would like to know from the development community, in their opinion what is the highest and best use of the land and what is the feasibility of our preferred development scheme. Under CDBG regulations, the monies used to acquire for a low to moderate-income reuse Broad National Objective (BNO) can be repaid to remove the low mod requirement. NRHA has $250,000 invested in the land under the CDBG program.

NRHA is offering both these parcels for development; however the smaller site to the west may not be needed to address any BMP (Best Management Practices) or parking. In the current housing, the Authority anticipates a development process that may include phasing. Proposals should indicate how and if the development will be phased.

In order to be considered, submissions (one unbound original plus four copies) must be delivered no later than 4:30 p.m., December 1, 2009 sealed and addressed as follows:

Gayle Blackstone
Real Estate Development Services
Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
201 Granby Street, 11th Floor
Norfolk, Virginia 23510
(PO Box 968, Norfolk, Va 23501)

The above stated deadline is firm as to date and hour. NRHA will treat as ineligible for consideration any submission that is received after that deadline. Upon receipt of each proposal, NRHA will date and time stamp it to evidence timely or late receipt, and upon request, provide an acknowledgment of receipt. Faxed or e-mailed submissions will not be accepted. All submissions become the property of NRHA and will not be returned.

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