Departments Overview

Budget and Compliance

The Budget and Compliance (B&C) Department was created in November 2007 to coordinate and oversee development of NRHA’s annual operating and capital budget. The department establishes policies and procedures to assure efficient budget creation, provides monitoring/reporting as well as ensuring budget-related compliance with state and federal regulations.
Director - Brenda Wilson
Contact:  757.623.1111


Capital Fund

Planning the upkeep, renovation and modernization of NRHA’s assisted-rental communities, utilizing about $6 million annually in HUD capital funds, is the department’s primary role. The Capital Fund department is organized into four sections: architectural services, contract administration, energy management and project management.
Director - David Heim
Contact: Jaime Williams 757.314-4246


Client Services

The Client Services Department is responsible for developing pathways to career-ladders that strengthens and build resiliency for low-income families in these difficult economic times.  The department is comprised of five divisions with multiple components offering a variety of services to all public housing communities.  These services include: Family Self-Sufficiency/Homeownership; Resource Development/Grants Management; Workforce Development/Health Initiatives/Career Ladders; and Youth Development/Technical Assistance for Tenant Management Councils.
Director: Kimberly Thomas, MPA

Contact: Joann Johnson or 757-314-1533


Communications and Government Relations

The department oversees development, planning, implementation and integration of all communications and marketing strategies in support of NRHA vision, mission, goals and objectives. It does this by providing honest, timely and relevant information to key internal and external audiences and by helping NRHA understand, anticipate and manage its environment.

Key functions include media and government relations, website/intranet development and maintenance, newsletter (Patterns, Community Journal) publications and collateral materials production, presentations, graphic design services, event/tradeshow planning and management as well as marketing campaigns and research. Provides communications, marketing and issues management counsel and solutions to Executive Team and Departments. The Department provides community outreach/partnership development for NRHA by maintaining and fostering collaborative relationships with external stakeholders. Further, they spearhead various special projects such as development of the NRHA Five-Year Strategic Plan.
Director - Ed Ware
Contact: Jan Branham 757.314.1682 

Design and Construction Services

The Design and Construction Services (D&CS) department provides technical and professional support services to NRHA, while being actively involved in redevelopment. These services include master planning, urban conceptual design, architecture, engineering and providing project management to development projects. D&CS also oversees the design and construction of new housing, recommends housing for redevelopment land and performs construction inspections. D&CS provides graphic support services such as creating maps, renderings, overlays and other technical presentation materials.
Contact: 757.623.1111


Executive Offices

The Executive Office is responsible for oversight of the administration and direction of all NRHA operations and its affiliate organizations. Departments reporting to this office include Communications and Human Resources in addition to four Assistant Executive Director offices.
Contact: Phyllis Everette or 757.314.1679

Facilities Management

The Facility Management Department is composed of specialized trades for the maintenance of NRHA’s assisted-rental properties. The auto shop services the entire fleet including vehicles, heavy equipment, electrical bucket trucks, lawn maintenance equipment as well as tractors for mowing and backhoes for trenching. Facility Management handles ongoing preventative maintenance for the assisted-rental communities, which includes exterior landscaping as well as interior replacement of cabinets, floor tiles and other fixtures. service calls for plumbing, appliance repair or unit damage emergencies. Facility Management operates as a semi-autonomous business center, offering services to other housing authorities that will generate incremental revenues to help offset HUD funding gaps. Facility Management’s entrepreneurial efforts were profiled in a July 6, 2009 Virginian-Pilot article

Director: Rick O'Neal
Contact: Rick O'Neal or 757.624.8655

Housing Choice Voucher

The housing choice voucher program is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development vehicle to provide lower income families, the elderly and disabled with affordable housing in the private market. Since housing assistance is provided on behalf of the family or individual, participants are able to find their own housing, including single-family homes, townhouses and apartments.
Contact: Pamela Jones-Watford or 757.624.8629

Housing Reinvention

Housing Reinvention has three main objectives. The first is to transform the physical and social environment of assisted-rental communities to become healthier, more sustainable, better places to live. The next is to pursue additional affordable rental housing opportunities to maintain the level of assistance to extremely low income families. The final objective is to improve partnerships with human service agencies to serve populations with special needs.
Director - John Kownack
Contact: Rhonda Rich or 757.314.2669


Human Resources

The Human Resources department (HR) administers the staffing, compensation, benefits, training, employee development, quality of work life, wellness, and employee relations functions of NRHA. HR processes staffing changes, and recommends and administers HR policies and practices. The department is guided by the philosophy that organization should provide “for individual dignity and respect, recognizing and rewarding employee contributions to NRHA and providing a safe work environment.”
The HR Mission Statement
The Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA) operates under human resources policies and practices that:

  • Provide for individual dignity and respect.
  • Recognize and reward employee contributions to NRHA.
  • Acknowledge that the employees of NRHA are central to achieving the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Provide the environment for career development and job satisfaction through promotional opportunities, education, tuition assistance programs, and quality of work life initiatives.
  • Compensate employees fairly.
  • Encourage employees to bring their ideas, concerns, and grievances to management.
  • Provide a safe environment in which employees work.

Director - Richard Archer
Contact: Robin Chester or 757.314.2674

Information Services

Information Services (IS) ensures that the technology assets and data of NRHA are secure, fully operational and available to all users in support of daily business operations. Data is protected from unauthorized access using industry standard security measures and backed up daily utilizing off-site storage. IS continuously monitors the future direction of technology to target potential solutions for emerging NRHA needs.
Director - Jamie Jones
Contact: Help Desk or 757.314.5555


Neighborhood Development

Neighborhood Development coordinates activities in conservation areas, developing plans for properties controlled by NRHA-owned properties and establishing priorities with input from neighborhoods and City Council. The department expedites and implements conservation and redevelopment plans and performs studies.
Directors - Michael Clark
Contact: Lisa Fowler or 757.314.2099


Neighborhood Programs

The Program Services Department is responsible for the Development Division’s Homeownership Services Programs, budget and financing, work plan development, environmental regulation reviews (ERR), the coordination of the HOME Program, SPARC and the Community Development Block Grant budget. Additionally, the department is responsible for the development of financing strategies to enable the division to carry out its activities.
Director: Stephen Blair
Contact: Adrienne Perkins or 757.314.2099


Property Management

Property Management ensures sound operation of seven assisted-rental multifamily apartment properties, two scattered sites transitional properties, and five senior mid-rises. Responsibilities include rent collection, lease enforcement, resident services, maintenance, and capital planning of 3,375 units. The department provides resident assessments, case management, and self-sufficiency programs through the efforts of the on-site case managers in cooperation with Client Services. In addition, the multi-family and mid-rise properties are supported by the elderly case managers providing service coordination for senior and disabled residents.
Director - Donna Mills
Contact: Donna Mills or 757.314.2064


Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services is responsible for marketing and selling NRHA land in the various conservation and redevelopment neighborhoods of the city, and doing contract administration. To accomplish this, we issue Requests for Proposals, handle the advertising, and secure new zoning if required. Real Estate works with developers to coordinate the process within the housing authority and negotiate disposition contracts . Real Estate also administers the City's Economic Development Grant payments.

Contact: Lisa Fowler or 757.314.1603


Renewal Services

Renewal Services is responsible for the acquisition, relocation, demolition and maintenance of properties NRHA acquires for redevelopment purposes. Renewal Services relocates the households or businesses occupying those structures, removes the buildings and maintains the land.
Director - Jim Hollomon
Contact: Adrienne Perkins or 757.314.2099

Residential Rehabilitation Services

The Residential Rehabilitation Services (RRS) department provides assistance to eligible residential property owners in Norfolk for home renovations. The department promotes available programs; qualifies applicants; prepares specs and cost estimates; assists the homeowner in obtaining proposals; performs construction walk-throughs; prepares applications; funds and closes loans and grants; inspects repairs as well as authorizes progress and final payments.
Contact: Joni Stahl or 757.314.2087


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NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION - NRHA provides equal housing and employment opportunities for all persons. NRHA does not discriminate against any applicant, resident or employee on the basis of disability, age, race, color, religion, gender, familial status or national origin in the admission, access or operations of programs, services or activities. NRHA complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. An internal grievance procedure is available to resolve complaints. If you feel you have been discriminated against, you have the right to file a complaint of discrimination  by calling toll free (888) 799-2085. Qualified individuals who need communication aids, services or other accommodations to participate in programs and activities are invited to make your needs known to the 504/ADA Coordinator. Please give NRHA at least seven to ten days advance notice to meet your needs